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"Hi, I'm Ian Stevenson and this is my website. It's here to let me share my photos and provide a central link to blogs and social networks elsewhere. If you're wondering, the name of the site is a reference to the fact I always have to tell people my name is 'Ian with one i'..."
My company Salient Point helps young technology companies to find customers and investment, working alongside founders to build networks, prepare pitches and marketing materials, and close deals. We bring additional skills and experience to help turn ideas into successful enterprises. Please visit the Salient Point website for more information on my company, work, and professional life!
What The
Stevensons Saw
Our arts blog What the Stevensons saw... covers all theater, comedy, cabaret, music and performance that we see, throughout the year and especially during the Edinburgh Festivals when our reviews offer a guide to the best on offer! It's pretty quiet now...

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2017-11-18 Almondell and Glasgow_0004.jpg 2015-08-29 Tobermory_0010.jpg 2015-07-06 Whitby_0062.jpg 2015-06-12 Castle Sween_0029.jpg
Almondell and Glasgow Diving from Tobermory Whitby Holiday Castle Sween Diving

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